Hard Landscaping Design Evesham

Vale Landscaping & Paving make an excellent choice for landscape design in Redditch

Vale Landscaping & Paving install high quality patios and driveways throughout the Redditch area. We cover all new patios in Redditch and the surrounding areas.

So, give your home the boost it needs with our driveways, block paving and patio services in Evesham today. Our highly experienced team in Evesham can help with everything from general maintenance to repair work and complete installations.

Our hard landscaping services have significant advantages to your property with endless opportunities. Our patios offer a relaxing and enjoyable setting for any occasion.
We offer the following driveways and patio services:
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If you would like to book an appointment, please contact us for more information about our landscaping and patio services in Redditch.

Areas We Cover

We provide landscaping, paving and driveways services to the following areas: