Picking new fencing for your property can be a complex decision. You’ve got a lot of factors to take into account, such as the height of your garden, the weather you regularly experience, and your general garden layout. Here’s a breakdown of the best styles for residential projects:

Close Board Fencing

The most common type of fencing for back gardens, a close board fence provides an aesthetically pleasing look and plenty of privacy for your property.

Larch Lap Fencing

Similar to close board fencing, larch lap is slatted horizontally but provides much of the same privacy and attractiveness to a garden’s perimeter.

Picket Fencing

Great for front gardens, picket fencing gives your home more of a traditional look. A picket fence is less private but allows for more light and view to be seen from your home’s windows.

Hit and Miss Fencing

Hit and miss fencing is a more modern design of the first fencing types, if a little more expensive. The fencing panels are smoothed and laid horizontally, which is great for a breeze and some privacy. But if your garden is prone to weeds, the look of hit-and-miss fencing can be ruined by roots pushing up through the slats.

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